From the recording So Do I Sadie

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Music & Lyrics by Stephen Jay

I’ve been running through the forest
I’ve been running through
The branches and the trees
I’ve been tromping through the woods
With my boots and my jacket and my sleeves
I’ve been streaking through the blizzard
In the winter with the snow up to my knees
I’ve been moving through the marshes
And the swamps with the vermin and disease
I’ve been busting through the thorns
And the branches and the Manzanita leaves
I’ve been taking every trail
I’ve been given with a thank you and a please

If I could figure out just what
It is that I’ve been given
Or better yet just who it is that I should thank
Or why I always am the last one to know
Just what’ll happen
When I’m filling in the blank

I’d be flying through the clouds
I’d be sitting in an empty window seat
I’d be going where I wanted to be taken
I’d be given what I need
I’d be taking every bump with a smile
Just as long as it was free
I’d be hiding in the blankets
I’d be making myself difficult to see
I’d be looking for a Shaman
Or a Guru, or some deity to please

If I could find a God
Who wouldn’t try to tell me something
Or one who wasn’t something I made up myself
And one who didn’t sport a long beard and robe
Or try to make like she was some kind of an elf
But until then
I’ll be living through the hours and the minutes
And the days and the weeks
I’ll be combing all the nooks and the crannies
And the valleys and the peaks
I’ll be spinning in the bucket with the water
And the Stirrer and the stick
I’ll be spending every minute that I’m in it
Trying to see what makes it tick

If I could find a way to keep
From ever hitting something
A way to keep from always
Bouncing off the trees
If I could slice into that big loaf of bread
I might be in it but at least I wouldn’t freeze up
I could just stop, and set me down for a spell
Have a nice little picnic, If I could somehow
Slow all this running down to a crawl, maybe then

I could see if there’s anything more
Than just random mutation
And survival of the fittest
As soon as possible spinning this
Whole thing we call life around
I might find some un-deity and he, or she
Would care to dance, until then

I’ll be running through the forest in the mountains
I’ll be running through the woods
I think I’ve got another minute on the trail
So I’d better make it good
I’ll be tromping through the bush
With my boots and my jacket and my sleeves
I’ll be swimming through the billabongs and marshes
With the vermin and disease
I’ll be busting through the branches
With my Llamas and Alpacas and their fleas
Sometimes they can be so hard to handle
But they’re never hard to please.